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Chhipa Dastarkhawan Chhipa Dastarkhawan

An appeal by Khadim-e-Insaniyat Muhammad Ramzan Chhipa Chhipa Dastarkhawan

Under the management of Chhipa Welfare at Chhipa Dastarkhawan, daily over 50,000 labourers, low income, daily wagers and deserving persons, in the afternoon and night, uninterruptedly with full dignity and keeping their self-respect are provided two times meals.

Meal for a single person: Rs. 50/-
Two Meals for a single person: Rs. 100/-
Single Meal for single person monthly: Rs. 3,000/-

Chhipa Monthly Ration Chhipa Monthly Ration

Chhipa Monthly Ration

Under the auspices of Chhipa Welfare every month regularly 50,000 respected and deserving families are sponsored and are provided with Chhipa Monthly Ration. Throughout the year, every month deserving families for provision of their monthly ration Chhipa Welfare is in dire need of huge amount of funds.

Ration for single family monthly: Rs. 2,000/-



Khadim-e-Insaniyat Muhammad Ramzan Chhipa

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CHHIPA WELFARE, a non-profit welfare organization in Pakistan, imbued with a noble mission, having sincere love and affection for the humanity and a strong commitment to serve the COMMON PEOPLE without any discrimination.

One Goal One Mission. Where Humanity Comes First

Muhammad Ramzan Chhipa

The Distinguished Eminent Social Worker with courage and selfless devotion to serve mankind, irrespective of caste, creed, sect or beliefs.

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کورنگی گودام چورنگی شہید ہونے والے پولیس اہلکار
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